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Pipe Molds


Regardless of the method of production, GCI is specialized in developing and manufacturing pipe formwork. For wet cast molds, we have developed a collapsible core mechanism to assist in product removal from the forms. Dry cast molds come with a carefully estimated number of external and/or internal vibrators. We suggest the optimal number of vibrators needed to establish a balance between uniform compaction of concrete and service life of the formwork.
Our molds are compatible with most Pipe Machines from global manufacturers. If there is a need to replace, improve or expand your pipe production, GCI’s pipe molds will do the trick.

Product Parameters

  • Pipe diameters ranging from 12” to 144”
  • Up to 8’ lay lengths

Product Range

  • Round Pipe
  • Elliptical Pipe
  • Arch Pipe

Manufacturing Methods

  • Dry Cast
  • Wet Cast


  •  Cage centering mechanism for Packerhead and/or Press Head machines
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic clamping of the jacket with the base joint ring
  • Collapsible core mechanism for easy stripping of wet cast pipes

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