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The quality of a concrete product is dependent on the quality of your mold. GCI has the manufacturing ability to produce high quality molds of different shapes and sizes through a variety of fabrication process. These molds are subjected to a stringent quality check so that they do not deviate from the tolerances and specifications. We manufacture molds catering to dry cast and wet cast operations. We understand the need for aftermarket molds to keep up with your changing demands. GCI ensures quick delivery of these molds to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. GCI manufacturers these molds in Bangalore, India and exports these products to its customers in North America, Australia, Oman, Israel and Europe.

Modular Box Culvert
GCI’s Modular Box culvert can produce a wide range of sizes using rigid and robust steel panels for production of dimensionally accurate box products.
Pipe Molds
Regardless of the method of production, GCI is specialized in developing and manufacturing pipe formwork. For wet cast molds, we have developed a collapsible core mechanism to assist in product removal from the forms.
Jacking Pipe
GCI designs and manufacturers jacking pipe molds of any size as per your requirement. The jacket is designed in two halves to facilitate ease of transportation to the pipe production site.
Manhole Molds
GCI’s manhole forms are designed for ease of production by reducing time to pour and strip the product.
Custom Forms
With our state of the art fabrication facility, GCI makes precision custom wet cast forms of any size and shape in accordance with close specifications.
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