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Manhole Frames & Covers


GCI Castings Inc. sources machined castings from India to serve the American domestic markets. This company began its journey by sourcing, procuring, inventory and sales of manhole frames and covers.

Product Parameters

  • All castings manufactured will be as per ASTM A48-76 Class 30 and have a minimum tensile strength of 30,000 PSI unless otherwise specified.
  • All castings will be true to the patterns and the dimensions will be within foundry limits.
  •  All weights indicated are estimated and actual weights could vary within plus or minus 5%
  •  All castings will be free if defects such as porosity, blowholes, sand inclusions and rough surfaces. The castings will be clean and painted with one coat of standard asphalt paint unless otherwise specified.
  •  All heavy-duty manhole frames and covers will be furnished with machined horizontal bearing surfaces.

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